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The fair and future-oriented Solution for your Catalog Management

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Future-oriented Catalog Management for your 24x7 production

ICF-Catalogs are the basis for your

A damaged and unavailable catalog can very quickly interrupt your production or bring it to a complete stop! Valuable online time is lost, SLAÂs are not being met and manual efforts for the recovery of the catalogs have to be performed. The preparation of the recovery of ICF-catalogs and VVDS, as recommended by IBM, does not always offer security in an emergency case.
Traditional procedures and solutions do not always offer the right procedure for recovery and therefore do not provide for all the possibilities or give the necessary comfort that you are prepared to face an emergency situation.

For these reasons CIM Catalog Information Manager was developed in cooperation with one of the largest banks in Europe.

Optimized recovery of ICF-catalogs In case of the failure of a production relevant ICF-catalog, every minute counts. Even in almost unsolvable cases, you can recover all catalog components without data loss quickly and easily with CIM.
Reliable catalog backup CIM guarantees even in such cases a complete catalog recovery, when other tools fail you.
Quick and actual disaster recovery CIM saves you the trouble of expensive manual correction afterwards by automatic synchronization of the last back-up and the SMF information.
DASD Space Optimizer

An intelligent tool developed on requests from daily operations!
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The english descriptions for DSO will be available soon.



VIM is designed to avoid data loss!
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Data loss can happen due to any number of technical problems or user design errors. By running VSM-Assist on a regular basis (daily is the preferred option) these problems can be virtually eliminated.


Cross Sysplex Manager

Synchronized data processing via multiple z/OS Systems!
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The english descriptions for CSM will be available soon.



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