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VIM is designed to avoid data loss!



VSM-ASSIST is designed to avoid data loss. This can happen due to any number of problems or user design errors. Below are some examples of problems in this area (These do not include Software/hardware problems) . ALL of these examples have happened. By running VSM-Assist on a regular basis (daily is the preferred option) these problems can be virtually eliminated.

VSM-ASSIST does not have any 'hooks' into the system, it does not require an authorised library and it uses ONLY standard interfaces and utilities to perform the investigation and correction functions. All correction functions are performed in batch, therefore, the jobs can be checked, edited, saved or cancelled before submission.

When correcting VTVs, there are two basic functions: " The investigation functions (i.e. the checking of which VTVs need to be corrected) " Execution of the Jobs to correct the VTVs. The investigation functions can be run online (ad-hoc) or in batch (in batch they can be scheduled to run on a regular basis). Both the online and batch investigation functions create a set of jobs to correct the errant VTVs. (i.e. the correction is always in batch and can be manually checked/edited before submission). However, after all VTVs are corrected, it would be better to schedule daily jobs to automatically check and correct any new problems.

There are three DB2 tables, all of which should be loaded at approximately the same time. These tables are then used to perform all queries regarding the different problems. This is outside VSM, therefore the tables should be loaded at regular intervals. (at least once per day).



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