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Software-Development and Consulting


The fair and future-oriented Solution for your Catalog Management

Catalog Information Manager offers a lot of new and relevant functions for your day-to-day business, which make your work significant easier …  

In the following the newest functions of CIM:

Enhancements for VVDS / VTOC

  • Generic delete of VTOC entries (F1-DSCBS) without ENQ 

  • Automatic delete of obsolete VVR/NVR entries

  • Detection of missing VVR/NVR entries

  • Recatalog of missing SYS1.VVDS.Vvolser datasets

  • Recatalog of multi-volume datasets

  • Rename of VTOC entries without ENQ. All entries can be changed!

  • Rename of VTOC entries and VVR/NVR entries with optional recatalog.

  • Rename of VVR/NVR entries (component/cluster/catalog/rel-cluster)

  • Zap of VVR/NVR entries

  • Zap of VTOC entries (F1-DSCB)

  • Check/repair of the extent description in the VVR/VTOC

Enhancements for catalogs (BCS)

  • Create a copy of a catalog

  • Verify/change of catalog-names in the VVR/NVR for a catalog

  • Delete of obsolete SYS1.VVDS.Vvolser datasets

  • Verify catalogs with DFSMSrmm

  • Compare of two master catalogs

  • Rename of a catalog entry

  • Zap of a catalog entry

  • List of catalog entries with VSAM information, GDG or GDS

  • List of catalog entries using catalog cell type

  • Parallel forward recovery with up to 5 tasks

  • Import of a catalog with a new name

What else ?

  • Parallel forward recovery with up to 5 tasks

  • RACF- protection for CIM-functions

  • Enhanced, very easy-to-use ISPF-interface

And perhaps ... your improvement, suggestion or requirement for future development of CIM will be listed here soon?



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